Candy Bars & the Original Candy Tree

Custom Made Candy Trees and Sweet Bars for all Occasions including Weddings, Proms and Parties

Sweets Include Bon Bons, Rhubarb and Custard, Shrimps, Liquorice, Marshmallows, Cola Bottles, Jelly Teddies, Imperial Mints, Flying Saucers, Jazzies, Bananas, Fudge, jelly beans, Jelly babies, wine gums, love hearts, foam hearts, skittles, dolly mixture, milk bottles, lollipops, sherbet, chocolate pigs. Most sweets are available on request.

They come with scoops, personalised bags for guests to fill up, a sweetie buffet sign with your names and date, and personalised labels for each type of sweet.

if you have a wedding cake booked with us you will receive 10% off your candy buffet.

Sweet Bars/Buffets Prices

Package A Serves 50 guests £195, 7 varieties

Package B Serves 100 Guests £275, 10 Varieties

Package C Serves 150 Guests £345, 15 Varieties

Package D Serves 200 Guests £435, 20 Varieties

Candy Trees

Our candy trees come in 3 different sizes, small medium and large. any type of sweets or chocolate can be used to decorate them. you can choose to have them as table centre pieces or as extra special additions to your day to offer your guests something special.

Small trees start from £20, medium trees start from £30 and large trees start from £50


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