Have your cake and eat it!

The cake is a very important part of any celebration, a birthday party, a christening, and retirement do or business product launch the cake plays a key role. The wedding is no exception it is a focal point in any room and traditionally the cutting of the cake ceremony is the first act you will carry out together as a married couple, therefore is very significant, as well as being one of the most anticipated and photographed events of the day.

Eventiss will design and create the perfect wedding cake uniquely for you. Whether simple and elegant, themed or grand and ornate every cake is individually and meticulously handcrafted to the highest standard using only the finest ingredients. And dont forget our famous luxury fruit cake!

Vibrant Flavours

Iced cakes 

Are very good if you are looking for a soft natural and elegant look. the biggest benefit from having an iced cake is that you can have a combination of flavours for each tier to suit everyones tastebuds.

You can choose from:

  • Our moist famous Fruit cake
  • Vanilla cakewith seedless raspberry jam and cream
  • Light Chocolate Cake with Chocolate buttercream
  • Death by Chocolate cake with chocolate fudge frosting
  • Death by Chocolate cake with an apricot and chocolate filling
  • Carrot cake with a Vanilla cream filling
  • Madeira cake with Lemon curd and cream
  • Black forest cake
    (Death by chocolate cake with a cherry filling and vanilla cream)

Chocolate cakes 

Are becoming more fashionable firstly because they are covered in chocolate thats obvious! and secondly because you can use them as an alternative to your dessert. chocolate cakes are very diverse because you can cover them in many different ways to achieve different looks.You can choose from chocolate coverture which gived a smooth finish like icing but tasted of chocolate, chocolate cigarelloes, chocolate shards, ruffles or just simply have pure belgian chocolate poured all over it to create a shiny finish.

We do not use Marzipan on any of our sponge cakes unless requested. and we do not recommend having fruit or carrot cake if your cake is covered in chocolate as it doesnt make a very good combination!


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